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Advanced Clinical Studies

Optional Second Year with 750 Hours of Advanced Clinical Study

Get the extra clinical support and guidance
you need to build your Ayurvedic practice

About You

Have you completed the New World Ayurveda Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Training Program (or equivalent)? Are you interested in pursuing ongoing support, interaction, community and knowledge as you build up your clinical experience? Are you also interested in gaining further recognition as an Ayurvedic  Health Practitioner? This next level of training will provide you with the clinical support and experience you need so that you can transform the health and lives of a wide range of clients. Additionally, this program will support the clinical hours recommended by national organizations to acquire the title of Ayurvedic Practitioner.

About the Training Program

For those wishing to advance their skills and establish their practice, New World Ayurveda offers an additional 750 hours of training in advanced practice of clinical Ayurveda. The center of the training is New World Ayurveda’s Advanced Clinical Studies Mentor Program. This program provides you with the clinical support you need as a new Ayurvedic Health Practitioner,  so that you can transform the health and lives of a wide range of clients.

The clinical focus provides you with the support and pracice you need to advance your real world experience and / or pursue recognition as an Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Advanced Clinical Studies: Optional Second Year Description

The Advanced Clinical Studies Mentor Program is where students bring their cases from their practice for supervision. It also presents advanced clinical pearls and supervision with Paul Dugliss, M.D., physician and Ayurvedic expert. In addition, it provides several intensives, such as advanced herbology for the students further education. It is combined with one of the three electives that are on the following tabs to make up the second year of study. Students may also elect to take any of these course individually.
In the comprehensive approach to inner transformation, students learn to teach the seven main spiritual practices, such as gratitude and forgiveness, as well as becoming trained to teach Heart-based Meditation. They learn to guide clients to awareness of their own intuitive abilities and inner guidance and foster and mentor clients in the growth of consciousness that helps them to overcome the programming and patterns that stand in the way of lifestyle change.
Healing Light Yoga is a practice is an opportunity to deepen the experience of the physical self, to see firsthand how the breath heals, and to explore and release deeply held patterns and blocks from the cellular memory. Healing Light Yoga:

Clears cellular memory to heal from the inside out
Changes energetic patterns that create imbalance in the mind and body
Transforms old emotional wounds to create deep inner peace
Restores flow in the body to enhance vitality and prevent disease
Expands awareness to hear our inner wisdom

This comprehensive specialization gives a thorough review and deepening of the fundamental principles and basics of Vedic Astrology in the first term. This is followed by in-depth practice and application of Jyotish in clinical practice through a systematic approach to interpretation of the Jyotish chart. Finally, applications of Jyotish to medical and health conditions is covered in the third term. The training includes jyotish study and practice, case studies and practitioner coaching.

Program Details

Core Program: Participation in the NWA Advanced Clinical Studies Mentor Program:

  • An innovative online learning community to share your cases, ask questions, and receive feedback
  • Guidance and feedback from New World Ayurveda Faculty
  • A community of peers and practitioners to share and collaborate with
  • Weekly live classes and case study reviews
  • Three advanced clinical intensives
    • 2 clinical intensives at a clinical site
    • 1 online herbology intensive

Elective Program:  Selection of one of the following:

What Distinguishes NWA School

  • As the Ayurvedic profession’s premier online school, we have developed methods of teaching clinical skills at a distance that are tried and true
  • Verification and testing of clinical skills that assure competency
  • Enhanced methods of utilizing technology to give experience and create rapid development of proficiency
  • A well-connected and supportive learning community
  • Supervision by one of the only medical doctors practicing Ayurveda

Benefits and Value

  • Gain confidence in the real world practice of Ayurveda to effectively help your clients and successfully grow your business
  • Broaden your knowledge and refine your clinical skills with an ongoing exploration of the group’s best practices
  • Get exposed to many types of client presentations and styles of practice through peer and faculty sharing, guidance, and feedback
  • Enjoy educational conversation with like-minded professionals in a safe and confidential space
  • Gain wisdom and knowledge from decades of clinical practice from an Ayurvedic Physician and Mentor
  • Obtain additional training hours that can be applied to professional organization memberships

Program Details

Format: Three trimesters, 12 weeks/trimester

Credit Hours:

Core Program: Advanced Clinical Studies Mentor Program: 400 hours over 3 terms: 7 hours per week on consults, write-ups, student forum review of and contributing to cases = 252 hours. Three intensives, two at 50 hours each and one at 48 hours = 148 hours.  Total hours = 252 + 148 = 400 hours.

Elective Option 1: Ayurvedic Psychology – Spiritual Counseling Training Program:  350 hours.

Elective Option 2: Healing Light Yoga Teacher Training: 350 hours.

Elective Option 3: Clinical Jyotish Counseling Training Program: 350 Hours.

Total Credit Hours: 750


Total Program Cost – $7000

Prerequisite: Completion of the NWA Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Training Program (or equivalent)

Class Size: Limited to 10 students