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The Ayurvedic Practitioner course
– built for your lifestyle

New World Ayurveda is leading the movement to create a healthier world by making online Ayurvedic studies accessible to all.

As the only Ayurvedic school led by a licensed medical doctor we offer a comprehensive approach in training practitioners throughout the world to transform and heal as many lives as possible.

Our fast-track curriculum covers Ayurvedic assessment, treatment, and practice with the added medical perspective, Vedic astrology, and spiritual counseling. We also teach you how to build a successful practice.

5 reasons to study with us:

Online Study.

Become an Ayurvedic Practitioner from anywhere in the world. Learn at your own pace. Join a holistic community. 

Experiential Learning.

Attend clinical intensives to experience herb samples, massage oils, pulse diagnosis, daily routines, and Ayurvedic cooking.

Clinical Focus.

Each class is case-based so you can learn the principles of Ayurveda through real life examples.

Consciousness Model.

Build up a strong inner practice through a required 200 hrs of meditation.

Fast-track Learning.

Learn about pulse diagnosis and herbal formulas from day one through real life case-studies.



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Paul Dugliss, M.D.

My experience as an Internal Medicine Physician has not been without its tragedies. I have seen people cut down in the prime of their lives by cancer, leaving young children and successful careers behind. I have seen everything from men in their forties die of heart attacks to losing a three-year-old to complications of a tonsillectomy. Time and time again I was reminded of how incredibly precious and delicate life truly is.

I’ve since devoted my life to doing everything in my power to prevent such tragedies from occurring, and to finding less invasive, more natural ways of healing. Based on the success my patients have had with Ayurveda, I have moved my focus to it almost exclusively.

“What would you give to have knowledge that can save and transform lives?”

10 years ago I developed New World Ayurveda School to share what I have learned and to train practitioners throughout the world to help save and transform as many lives as possible.

I encourage you to book your free Program Information Appointment with us now, and learn more about the different ways you can study with us to learn this great knowledge of Ayurveda.

Dr. Paul

Meet the team delivering Ayurveda to the modern world

Our Faculty of Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners are the energy and passion behind the movement  to improve the health of the planet through the time-tested modality of Ayurveda. We are committed to teaching students around the world the principles of nature that create balance within themselves and others. Our convenient online programs are built to deliver optimal wellness and longevity to the practitioner, client, and greater community.


“I enjoyed the flexibility of the program which made it realistic to add into my full life. Even though it was a “distance” training, the course felt very personal and intimate.”

Sally Raspberry

Massage Therapist, Educator, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Our Mission:

To transform health care and prevent diseases by training at least one person in Ayurveda in every community across the western world.

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