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Overview of New World Ayurveda Programs

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About Our Programs


New World Ayurveda offers a comprehensive path of training that starts with Foundations of Ayurveda, an optional introduction to the key principles of Ayurveda and the New World Ayurveda approach. The first year’s educational offering is the Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Training Program – Level I, a 750-hour, comprehensive, case-based approach that far exceeds NAMA’s Ayurveda Health Counselor level requirements. The Ayurveda Health Practitioner – Level II Training Program gives in-depth, advanced clinical case instruction and supervision. It also allows students to begin developing their own area of specialization, while simultaneously building their clinical practice. Each area of specialization is a comprehensive course of study in itself and includes one of the following: 1) Ayurvedic Psychology – Spiritual Counseling; 2) Healing Light Yoga Teacher Training; 3) Clinical Jyotish Training.

Each of the programs is described below. To learn more schedule a free information appointment below.

Foundations of Ayurveda

This course provides the New World Ayurveda approach to learning the fundamental principles of Ayurveda. It is a six-week introductory course that incorporates both experiential and theoretical learning and makes this ancient science practical and applicable to modern life. It is an optional course.

Tuition: $197

Ayurvedic Health Practitioner – Level I

This comprehensive 750-hour program includes the foundational principles of Ayurveda presented through real cases. The case-based approach provides clinical training from the first day of class. It provides the important clinical skills, such as pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis. It also trains students to present three Ayurvedic educational programs to the public. It is comprehensive, and like all New World Ayurveda programs emphasizes consciousness-based medicine. This program far exceeds the requirements of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association’s Ayurvedic Health Counselor designation and is recognized by NAMA.

Ayurvedic Health Practitioner – Level II

Clinical experience and practice mentoring are combined with a consciousness-based elective to develop competency in a special area of Ayurveda. The core of this program is the Advanced Clinical Studies Mentor Program where students have supervised practice with over 100 cases. It also presents advanced clinical pearls and supervision with Paul Dugliss, M.D., physician and Ayurvedic expert. The core program is supplemented with one of New World Ayurveda’s other consciousness-based programs for a complete 750-hour program. Elective options include:


  • Ayurvedic Spiritual Counseling Training Program
  • Healing Light Yoga Teacher Training Program
  • Clinical Jyotish Training Program

For more information see the description of each under immersion programs.  This program is designed to meet the National Ayurvedic Medical Association’s Ayurvedic Practitioner designation.

Ayurvedic Psychology – Spiritual Counseling

In the comprehensive approach to inner transformation, students learn and become proficient at over 20 spiritual counseling techniques. They learn to teach the seven main spiritual practices, such as gratitude and forgiveness, as well as becoming trained to teach Heart-based Meditation. They learn to guide clients to awareness of their own intuitive abilities and inner guidance. The training program is highly experiential and forms a solid foundation for assisting others with inner growth and development. The training can be taken as part of the Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Level II program or can be taken on its own. Like other New World Ayurveda School offerings, it is available as an online, live offering. It includes one final in-person intensive to consolidate and verify the student’s skills.

Can be taken as a standalone immersion training or as an elective in the Ayurvedic Health Practitioner – Level II Training Program

Healing Light Yoga Teacher Training

Healing Light Yoga is a practice that integrates the body, the breath and pure consciousness.  It is an opportunity to deepen the experience of the physical self, to see firsthand how the breath heals,  and to explore and release deeply held patterns and blocks from the cellular memory. Healing Light Yoga releases Ama (toxins) on all levels of life:

  • Clears cellular memory to heal from the inside out
  • Changes energetic patterns that create imbalance in the mind and body
  • Transforms old emotional wounds to create deep inner peace
  • Restores flow in the body to enhance vitality and prevent disease
  • Expands awareness to hear our inner wisdom

This comprehensive program trains students to become teachers of Healing Light Yoga. It gives both experiential and academic learning in a small group setting. It incorporates elements of individual mentorship along with group classes. It is a profound key to utilizing yoga to heal. 

Can be taken as a standalone immersion training or as an elective in the Ayurvedic Health Practitioner – Level II Training Program

Clinical Jyotish Counseling Training Program

This comprehensive specialization gives a thorough review and deepening of the fundamental principles and basics of Vedic Astrology in the first term. This is followed by in-depth practice and application of Jyotish in clinical practice through a systematic approach to interpretation of the Jyotish chart. Finally, applications of Jyotish to medical and health conditions is covered in the third term.  The training includes jyotish study and practice, case studies and practitioner coaching.

In addition to the formal Jyotish study, we will also evolve the healing aspects of the Consciousness Model by awakening and exploring the Planets and Signs as an Inner Zodiac that exists within your body and energetic anatomy.  The connections between Jyotish, Karma, the Koshas,and Chakras will be explored in depth, including related healing practices and the use of traditional and modern remedies to support self-healing and the transformation of your clients.

We will deepen clinical Jyotish assessment skills so you can gain greater confidence in using Jyotish for Spiritual Counselling and Ayurvedic health assessments.  You will enhance your understanding of Karma, Human Psychology and the Process of Spiritual Evolution. You will learn Jyotish-specific healing tools, counseling skills and practices to offer clients. And you will also gain a deeper understanding of your Self and your own Karma, while experiencing the transformative power of these teachings and healing practices for yourself.

This Professional Training Program is especially helpful for Ayurvedic Health Practitioner or Ayurvedic Spiritual Counseling graduates seeking to deepen their Jyotish skills for professional application.   It is also helpful for those with prior Vedic Astrology training that wish to deepen their assessment and counselling skills while learning to embody the Jyotish teachings through deeper Spiritual integration and Self Healing practices.

The training is an elective in the Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Level II program or can be taken on its own. It is available as an online, live offering that includes one in-person final intensive.

Can be taken as a standalone immersion training or as an elective in the Ayurvedic Health Practitioner – Level II Training Program